EPRA Gold Award Financial Report 2016
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Qrf City Retail acquires six retail premises in Antwerp and Ostend19.10.2017

Qrf City Retail, specialist in inner-city retail property, acquires six retail premises at top locations in Antwerp and Ostend.

The total investment value of the real estate amounts to 12.5 MEUR. The properties generate an aggregate annual rental income of approximately 665 KEUR. As a result of this transaction, Qrf City Retail strengthens its position in the inner-city retail property market. The Fair Value of the real estate portfolio increases to more than 290 MEUR.

The contemplated transaction will be carried out through a contribution in kind of the six retail premises in the capital of Qrf City Retail within the limits of the authorised capital. This enables Qrf City Retail to further strengthen its shareholders’ capital by 12.5 MEUR to approximately 132 MEUR. 

For more information, you can read the press release of announcement en the press release of finalisation.