EPRA Gold Award Financial Report 2017
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Shareholder Structure

Shares - Capital

The total capital of Qrf amounts to 131,723,955.75 euros and is represented by 5,665,822 fully paid-up ordinary shares. There are no preferred shares. Each of these shares carries one voting right at the General Shareholders Meeting and these shares thus represent the denominator for the purposes of notifications under the transparency regulations (i.e. notifications in case of reaching, crossing or falling below the statutory or legal thresholds). There are no outstanding options or warrants issued that entitle their holder to shares.

In addition to the legal thresholds, fixed at 5% and multiples of 5%, the Qrf Articles of Association do not specify any additional statutory thresholds.

Shareholder Structure

ShareholderNumber of shares Participation
AXA SA 633 680 11.2%
Vanmoerkerke family 536 020 9.5%
Free Float 4 496 122 79.4%
Total number of shares 5 665 822 100.0%

Transparency Notifications

Below you can find the publications pursuant to Article 14 of the Law of May 2, 2007 (Transparency Act).